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"Latest Sitebuilder version 2.6J is a BUST!!!"

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How do I get my old version back?? I faithfully upgraded my older version of Sitebuilder, which was dependable and always worked beautifully. This new version (2.6J) is so problematic, I could spit. I tried calling Tech Support to to solve the issues, and like so many other "Tech Support" experiences with other companies, Yahoo has now joined the legions of NON SUPPORT support.

I have built many sites using the older versions, used a lot of the provided images and backgrounds. Now with the new version, many of those images and backgrounds are no longer available. Even more frustrating, when I try to insert images or backgrounds, I get some goofy message : "Yahoo! SiteBuilder has just recovered from a serious error. You can help Yahoo! fix this problem by sending us a report of the error." I have sent numerous reports, but the problem still persists. When I tried to re-install, I got another goofy Java error: "You have exceeded the recommended amount of disk space for JNLP Applications and Resources in your cache." . . .

In the past, these upgrades were seamless, fast and I could rely on all my sites remaining as I had originally created them, and the new upgrade performed as elegantly as the other versions. Whoever is the author of V2.6J should be hung!!

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  • Slower, not dependable, error messages, image library has disappeared. I'm sure there are other problems but I am too frustrated to find them all.

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10 Apr 2009

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