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"A Possible Fix for SiteBuilder "serious error" message"

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I think the previous reviewer did a very good job reviewing SiteBuilder, so I will not duplicate them here. I found the review after getting the "Yahoo SiteBuilder has recovered from a serious error" message whenever I tried to edit anything with it. Yahoo was (as usual) no help, so here is what I did:

I went into the Yahoo SiteBuilder Program files in my C:/ Drive, and copied my site's file to my desktop (just in case). Then I uninstalled every bit of Java from my computer, including the multiple updates. Then I uninstalled Yahoo SiteBuilder, and restarted my computer. I went to Java's site and downloaded the newest version of Java. Then I installed SiteBuilder. I don't know if there was a conflict with the multiple versions of Java updates or what, but this worked like a charm, and SiteBuilder (so far) is working perfectly.

  • Easy to use for those who don't speak HTML very well.
  • Yahoo support for this product is less than stellar. There should be a forum where users can at least talk to each other for troubleshooting.

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19 Sep 2009

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